Scheduling for multiple type objects using POPStar planner

  title={Scheduling for multiple type objects using POPStar planner},
  author={Batu Akan and Afshin Ameri and Baran Ç{\"u}r{\"u}kl{\"u}},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Emerging Technology and Factory Automation (ETFA)},
In this paper, scheduling of robot cells that produce multiple object types in low volumes are considered. The challenge is to maximize the number of objects produced in a given time window as well as to adopt the schedule for changing object types. Proposed algorithm, POPStar, is based on a partial order planner which is guided by best-first search algorithm and landmarks. The best-first search, uses heuristics to help the planner to create complete plans while minimizing the makespan. The… CONTINUE READING