Scheduling Policies for the LTE Downlink Channel: A Performance Comparison


A key feature of the packet scheduler in LTE system is that it can allocate resources both in the time and frequency domain. Furthermore, the scheduler is acquainted with channel state information periodically reported by user equipments either in an aggregate form for the whole downlink channel, or distinguished for each available subchannel. This mechanism allows for wide discretion in resource allocation, thus promoting the flourishing of several scheduling algorithms, with different purposes. It is therefore of great interest to compare the performance of such algorithms in different scenarios. A very common simulation tool that can be used for this purpose is ns-3, which already supports a set of well known scheduling algorithms for LTE downlink, though it still lacks schedulers that provide throughput guarantees. In this work we contribute to fill this gap by implementing a scheduling algorithm that provides long-term throughput guarantees to the different users, while opportunistically exploiting the instantaneous channel fluctuations to increase the cell capacity. We then perform a thorough performance analysis of the different scheduling algorithms by means of extensive ns-3 simulations, both for saturated UDP and TCP traffic sources. The analysis makes it possible to appreciate the difference among the scheduling algorithms, and to assess the performance gain, both in terms of cell capacity and packet service time, obtained by allowing the schedulers to work on the frequency domain. Keywords—Resource management, opportunistic scheduling, LTE networks, ns-3, fair throughput guarantee.

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