Scent Recognition of Infected Status in Humans

  title={Scent Recognition of Infected Status in Humans},
  author={Mikhail P. Moshkin and Nadezhda Litvinova and Ekaterina A. Litvinova and Alena Bedareva and Andrey Lutsyuk and Ludmila A Gerlinskaya},
  journal={The journal of sexual medicine},
  volume={9 12},
INTRODUCTION There is a body of experimental evidence that mice and rats use chemical signals to avoid sexual contact with infected conspecifics. In contrast to animals, body scent of sick humans is employed only in medical diagnostics. A modification of human body odor, due to an infection, has not been studied as a potential signal for choice of a sexual partner. It might, however, be especially important for sexually transmitted infections (STI) because many such infections have no obvious… CONTINUE READING

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