Scavenger receptors: friend or foe in atherosclerosis?

  title={Scavenger receptors: friend or foe in atherosclerosis?},
  author={Theo J. C. van Berkel and Ruud Out and Menno Hoekstra and J. J. W. Kuiper and Erik A. L. Biessen and Miranda Van Eck},
  journal={Current opinion in lipidology},
  volume={16 5},
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Scavenger receptors were originally defined by their ability to bind and internalize modified lipoproteins. Nowadays the family of scavenger receptors is composed of structurally different surface receptors which recognize a broad pattern of common ligands which include, besides modified lipoproteins, apoptotic cells and pathogens. This review focuses on the role of scavenger receptors in the development of atherosclerotic lesions. RECENT FINDINGS Recent studies indicate… CONTINUE READING
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