Scattering of massless particles: scalars, gluons and gravitons

  title={Scattering of massless particles: scalars, gluons and gravitons},
  author={Freddy Cachazo and Song He and Ellis Ye Yuan},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractIn a recent note we presented a compact formula for the complete tree-level S-matrix of pure Yang-Mills and gravity theories in arbitrary spacetime dimension. In this paper we show that a natural formulation also exists for a massless colored cubic scalar theory. In Yang-Mills, the formula is an integral over the space of n marked points on a sphere and has as integrand two factors. The first factor is a combination of Parke-Taylor-like terms dressed with U(N ) color structures while… 

Scattering equations and matrices: from Einstein to Yang-Mills, DBI and NLSM

A bstractThe tree-level S-matrix of Einstein’s theory is known to have a representation as an integral over the moduli space of punctured spheres localized to the solutions of the scattering

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A bstractWitten’s twistor string theory has led to new representations of S-matrix in massless QFT as a single object, including Cachazo-He-Yuan formulas in general and connected formulas in four

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A bstractWe give a prescription for the computation of loop-level scattering amplitudes in pure Einstein gravity, and four-dimensional pure supergravities, using the color-kinematics duality.

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We introduce a bosonic ambitwistor string theory in AdS space. Even though the theory is anomalous at the quantum level, one can nevertheless use it in the classical limit to derive a novel formula

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A bstractThis paper investigates how tree-level amplitudes with massless quarks, gluons and/or massless scalars transforming under a single copy of the gauge group can be expressed in the context of

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A bstractThe scattering equations provide a powerful framework for the study of scattering amplitudes in a variety of theories. Their derivation from ambitwistor string theory led to proposals for

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A bstractIn the formulation of Cachazo, He, and Yuan, tree-level amplitudes for massless particles in gauge theory and gravity can be expressed as rational functions of the Lorentz invariants ka ·

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A bstractIn this paper we study tree-level amplitudes from higher-dimensional operators, including F3 operator of gauge theory, and R2, R3 operators of gravity, in the Cachazo-He-Yuan formulation. As

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A bstractUsing the double-copy construction of Yang-Mills-Einstein theories formulated in our earlier work, we obtain compact presentations for single-trace Yang-Mills-Einstein tree amplitudes with

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A bstractPerturbiner expansion provides a generating function for all Berends-Giele currents in a given quantum field theory. We apply this method to various effective field theories with and without



Scattering of massless particles in arbitrary dimensions.

A compact formula for the complete tree-level S-matrix of pure Yang-Mills and gravity theories in arbitrary spacetime dimensions is presented and Gauge invariance is completely manifest as it follows from a simple property of the Pfaffian.

A 'Twistor String' Inspired Formula For Tree-Level Scattering Amplitudes in N=8 SUGRA

We propose a new formulation of the complete tree-level S-matrix of N = 8 supergravity. The new formula for n particles in the k R-charge sector is an integral over the Grassmannian G(2,n) and uses

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A bstractThe complete tree-level S-matrix of four dimensional $ \mathcal{N}=4 $ super Yang-Mills and $ \mathcal{N}=8 $ supergravity has compact forms as integrals over the moduli space of certain

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We explore consequences of the recently discovered duality between color and kinematics, which states that kinematic numerators in a diagrammatic expansion of gauge-theory amplitudes can be arranged

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In this note we further investigate the procedure for computing tree-level amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory from connected instantons in the B-model on P^{3|4}, emphasizing that the problem of

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We reconsider the question of which Calabi-Yau compactifications of the heterotic string are stable under world-sheet instanton corrections to the effective space-time superpotential. For instance,

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We present an identity satisfied by the kinematic factors of diagrams describing the tree amplitudes of massless gauge theories. This identity is a kinematic analog of the Jacobi identity for color

Scattering equations and Kawai-Lewellen-Tye orthogonality

Several recent developments point to the fact that rational maps from $n$-punctured spheres to the null cone of $D$-dimensional momentum space provide a natural language for describing the scattering