Scattering of kinks of the sinh-deformed $$\varphi ^4$$φ4 model

  title={Scattering of kinks of the sinh-deformed \$\$\varphi ^4\$\$$\phi$4 model},
  author={Dionisio Bazeia and Ekaterina Belendryasova and Vakhid A. Gani},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
We consider the scattering of kinks of the sinh-deformed $$\varphi ^4$$φ4 model, which is obtained from the well-known $$\varphi ^4$$φ4 model by means of the deformation procedure. Depending on the initial velocity $$v_\mathrm {in}$$vin of the colliding kinks, different collision scenarios are realized. There is a critical value $$v_\mathrm {cr}$$vcr of the initial velocity, which separates the regime of reflection (at $$v_\mathrm {in}>v_\mathrm {cr}$$vin>vcr) and that of a complicated… 
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