Scattering from moderately rough interfaces between two arbitrary media

  title={Scattering from moderately rough interfaces between two arbitrary media},
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The generalized Harvey-Shack (GHS) surface scatter theory has been shown to accurately predict the BRDF produced by moderately rough mirror surfaces from surface metrology data. The predicted BRDF also holds for both large incident and scattering angles. Furthermore, it provides good agreement with the classical Rayleigh-Rice theory for those surfaces that satisfy the smooth-surface criterion. The two-dimensional band-limited portion of the surface PSD contributing to scattered radiation is… Expand
Linear systems formulation of scattering theory for rough surfaces with arbitrary incident and scattering angles.
Integrating optical fabrication and metrology into the optical design process
  • J. E. Harvey
  • Engineering, Materials Science
  • Other Conferences
  • 2014
Determining parametric TIS behavior from optical fabrication metrology data
Domain of validity of the equation for total integrated scatter (TIS)
Preparing the generalized Harvey-Shack rough surface scattering method for use with the discrete ordinates method.
  • V. E. Johansen
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision
  • 2015
Integrating optical fabrication and metrology into the optical design process.


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