Scattering for the two-dimensional NLS with exponential nonlinearity

  title={Scattering for the two-dimensional NLS with exponential nonlinearity},
  author={S. A. Hoda Ibrahim and Mohamed Majdoub and Nader Masmoudi and Kenji Nakanishi},
  pages={1843 - 1849}
We investigate existence and asymptotic completeness of the wave operators for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with a defocusing exponential nonlinearity in two space dimensions. A certain threshold is defined based on the value of the conserved Hamiltonian, below which the exponential potential energy is dominated by the kinetic energy via a Trudinger–Moser type inequality. We prove that if the Hamiltonian is below the critical value, then the solution approaches a free Schrödinger solution at… 

Scattering below the ground state for the 2D non-linear Schrödinger and Klein–Gordon equations revisited

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Scattering for the two-dimensional NLS with (full) exponential nonlinearity

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We give a new proof for the large data scattering for 2D Schrodinger and Klein-Gordon equations with power and exponential type non-linear terms in both defocusing and focusing cases with radial data

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In this article, we establish in the radial framework the $H^1$-scattering for the critical 2-D nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with exponential growth. Our strategy relies on both the a priori

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We investigate the invariance of the Gibbs measure for the fractional Schrödinger equation of exponential type (expNLS) i∂tu + (−∆) α 2 u = 2γβeβ|u| 2 u on ddimensional compact Riemannian manifolds

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We investigate the initial value problem for a nonlinear damped wave equation in two space dimensions. We prove local well‐posedness and instability by blow‐up of the standing waves. Copyright © 2014

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Global well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for a super-critical nonlinear wave equation in two space dimensions

Extending the work of Ibrahim et al. (Commun Pure Appl Math 59(11): 1639–1658, 2006) on the Cauchy problem for wave equations with exponential nonlinearities in two space dimensions, we establish

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is globally wellposed in time. More precisely, we obtain a unique solution u = uφ ∈ CH1([0,∞[) such that for all time, u(t) depends continuously on the data φ (in fact, the dependence is even real

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