Scattering equations and matrices: from Einstein to Yang-Mills, DBI and NLSM

  title={Scattering equations and matrices: from Einstein to Yang-Mills, DBI and NLSM},
  author={Freddy Cachazo and Song He and Ellis Ye Yuan},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractThe tree-level S-matrix of Einstein’s theory is known to have a representation as an integral over the moduli space of punctured spheres localized to the solutions of the scattering equations. In this paper we introduce three operations that can be applied on the integrand in order to produce other theories. Starting in d + M dimensions we use dimensional reduction to construct Einstein-Maxwell with gauge group U(1)M . The second operation turns gravitons into gluons and we call it… 

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A bstractUsing the double-copy construction of Yang-Mills-Einstein theories formulated in our earlier work, we obtain compact presentations for single-trace Yang-Mills-Einstein tree amplitudes with

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A bstractWe present new relations for scattering amplitudes of color ordered gluons and gravitons in Einstein-Yang-Mills theory. Tree-level amplitudes of arbitrary multiplicities and polarizations

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We introduce a bosonic ambitwistor string theory in AdS space. Even though the theory is anomalous at the quantum level, one can nevertheless use it in the classical limit to derive a novel formula

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A bstractThe scattering equations provide a powerful framework for the study of scattering amplitudes in a variety of theories. Their derivation from ambitwistor string theory led to proposals for

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A bstractIn this paper we study tree-level amplitudes from higher-dimensional operators, including F3 operator of gauge theory, and R2, R3 operators of gravity, in the Cachazo-He-Yuan formulation. As

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We present a world-sheet formula for all tree level scattering amplitudes, in all trace sectors, of four dimensional N ≤ 4 supersymmetric Einstein-Yang-Mills theory, based on the refined scattering

Scattering equations and a new factorization for amplitudes. Part I. Gauge theories

  • H. Gomez
  • Mathematics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2019
A bstractIn this work we show how a double-cover (DC) extension of the Cachazo, He and Yuan formalism (CHY) can be used to provide a new realization for the factorization of the amplitudes involving



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A bstractIn a recent note we presented a compact formula for the complete tree-level S-matrix of pure Yang-Mills and gravity theories in arbitrary spacetime dimension. In this paper we show that a

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A bstractThe complete tree-level S-matrix of four dimensional $ \mathcal{N}=4 $ super Yang-Mills and $ \mathcal{N}=8 $ supergravity has compact forms as integrals over the moduli space of certain

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A bstractAmbitwistor strings are chiral, infinite tension analogues of conventional string theory whose target space is the space of complex null geodesics and whose spectrum consists exclusively of

Scattering of massless particles in arbitrary dimensions.

A compact formula for the complete tree-level S-matrix of pure Yang-Mills and gravity theories in arbitrary spacetime dimensions is presented and Gauge invariance is completely manifest as it follows from a simple property of the Pfaffian.

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A bstractWe show that string theories admit chiral infinite tension analogues in which only the massless parts of the spectrum survive. Geometrically they describe holomorphic maps to spaces of

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In this note we further investigate the procedure for computing tree-level amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory from connected instantons in the B-model on P^{3|4}, emphasizing that the problem of

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Motivated by recent progress in calculating field theory amplitudes, we study applications of the basic ideas in these developments to the calculation of amplitudes in string theory. We consider in