Scattering effects on the dosimetry of iridium-192.

  title={Scattering effects on the dosimetry of iridium-192.},
  author={Christopher F. Serago and P V Houdek and V J Pisciotta and James G. Schwade and Andre A Abitbol and A A Lewin and David Poole and V A Marcial-Vega},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={18 6},
Dosimetry calculations for iridium-192 sources generally assume that a sufficient medium surrounds both the iridium source(s) and the point of calculation so that full scattering conditions exist. In several clinical applications the iridium sources may be anatomically located so that the full scattering requirement is not satisfied. To assess the magnitude of this problem, relative measurements were made with a small ionization chamber in phantoms near air and lung-equivalent interfaces. Dose… CONTINUE READING