Scattering by a perfectly conducting circular cylinder with two infinite slots

  title={Scattering by a perfectly conducting circular cylinder with two infinite slots},
  author={Mahmoud I. Hussein and M. Hamid},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 1992 Digest},
  pages={1579-1582 vol.3}
The cylinder is taken to be perfectly conducting with two slots, situated in free space, loaded with a dielectric material of permittivity epsilon /sub 1/ and permeability mu /sub 1/, excited by a z-polarized (TM/sub z/) plane wave. The analysis is carried out using two methods. In the first method, the fields in and around the cylinder are found in terms of the aperture fields using the boundary value technique. Then, Galerkin's method is introduced to solve for the unknown aperture fields. In… CONTINUE READING

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