Scattering by a Grating Slab Waveguide With Regular Plane Regions Grooves: Integral Equation Modeling

  title={Scattering by a Grating Slab Waveguide With Regular Plane Regions Grooves: Integral Equation Modeling},
  author={N L Tsitsas and N. K. Uzunoglu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
A rigorous integral equation formulation in conjunction with Green's function theory is used to analyze the scattering phenomena by a periodic dielectric grating slab waveguide. Such a structure is mainly utilized to obtain a frequency selective surface, finding applications both in the microwave and the optical region. The grating is modeled as a periodic layer with grooves regular plane regions. The advantages of the developed method with respect to already established ones are discussed. The… CONTINUE READING
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