Scattering From Infrared Missile Domes

  title={Scattering From Infrared Missile Domes},
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An automated system for scanning missile domes under computer control at an arbitrary number of points and determining both forward scattering and transmittance from 0° to over 60° from the dome axis is now in operation. Measurements at 3.39 pm have been made on both unused and used domes, artificially eroded domes, and also on pieces of spinel, which is a possible replacement for the magnesium fluoride now used as an infrared dome material. A total of 18 new, 1 used, and 2 artificially eroded… 


Sand erosion effect on the 10.6-microm optical absorption of coated ZnSe.
During an investigation of the effects of environmental factors on the optical performance of coatings for CO2 laser window materials, a phenomenon that might have broader application in the systematic testing of coated optics was encountered.
Abrasion Resistance Testing of Optical Coatings Using Falling Sand Test
  • 1977
Abrasion Resistance Testing of Optical Coatings Using Falling Sand Test," Ninth Symposium on Materials for High Power Lasers
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