Scarless wound repair: a human fetal skin model.

  title={Scarless wound repair: a human fetal skin model.},
  author={Herman Peter Lorenz and Michael Thornton Longaker and L A Perkocha and Russell Jennings and Michael R. Harrison and N. Scott Adzick},
  volume={114 1},
Animal studies demonstrate that the fetus heals cutaneous wounds by reformation of normal tissue architecture without scar formation. We have developed a new model to study human fetal skin wound healing. Grafts of human fetal skin placed onto athymic mice retain the morphologic features of normal development, although they differentiate at an accelerated rate when placed cutaneously compared to subcutaneously. Full-thickness skin grafts from human fetuses at 15 (n = 12), 17 (n = 11), 18 (n… CONTINUE READING