Scarabaeid Beetles of the Genus Bradycinetulus and Closely Related Genera in the United States

  title={Scarabaeid Beetles of the Genus Bradycinetulus and Closely Related Genera in the United States},
  author={Oscar Ling Cartwright},
The group of beetles reviewed in this paper have long been known under the name Bolboceras. The species found in the United States were last revised by Charles Schaeffer, 1906 (Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc, vol. 32, pp. 249-254). At that time five species were placed in Horn's genus Bradycinetus, later incorrectly synonymized under Bolboceras (see synonymy under Bradycinetulus) , and three were assigned to Bolboceras. Of these three, Scarabaeus lazarus Fabricius had been placed in Eucanthus by… 

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