Scapulohumeral joint luxation in alpacas: 10 cases (2003-2009).

  title={Scapulohumeral joint luxation in alpacas: 10 cases (2003-2009).},
  author={Marjolaine Rousseau and David E Anderson and Matt D. Miesner and Kara L Schulz and Claire E. Whitehead},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={237 10},
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical findings, treatments, and outcome in alpacas treated for scapulohumeral joint luxation (SHJL). DESIGN Retrospective case series. ANIMALS 10 alpacas. PROCEDURES Medical records of alpacas with SHJL that were treated at 2 referral hospitals were reviewed. History, signalment, physical examination results, radiographic findings, treatments, complications, and outcome were evaluated. RESULTS Records for 8 male and 2 female alpacas with 16 instances of SHJL… CONTINUE READING