Scapholunate dissociation in the skeletally immature carpus.

  title={Scapholunate dissociation in the skeletally immature carpus.},
  author={Neal B Zimmerman and Andrew J. Weiland},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={15 5},
A case of scapholunate dissociation with a dorsal carpal instability pattern is described in a skeletally immature 13-year-old male. The malrotation of the scaphoid was treated by soft tissue reconstruction, with use of a dorsal capsulodesis to provide a dorsal restraint to excessive palmar flexion of the scaphoid. In the skeletally immature carpus, isolated ligamentous injuries are less frequently recognized than epiphyseal injuries. To avoid interference with the successful conclusion of… CONTINUE READING