Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy with a fast framing pixel detector.

  title={Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy with a fast framing pixel detector.},
  author={Andreas Menzel and Cameron M. Kewish and Philipp Kraft and Beat Henrich and K. Jefimovs and Joan Vila-Comamala and Christian David and Martin Dierolf and Pierre Thibault and Franz Pfeiffer and Oliver Bunk},
  volume={110 9},
Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM) is a powerful imaging technique, in which a small X-ray probe is raster scanned across a specimen. Complete knowledge of the complex-valued transmission function of the specimen can be gained using detection schemes whose every-day use, however, is often hindered by the need of specialized configured detectors or by slow or noisy readout of area detectors. We report on sub-50 nm-resolution STXM studies in the hard X-ray regime using the PILATUS, a… CONTINUE READING