Scanning laser ophthalmoscope-evoked multifocal-ERG (SLO-m-ERG) by using short m-sequences.

  title={Scanning laser ophthalmoscope-evoked multifocal-ERG (SLO-m-ERG) by using short m-sequences.},
  author={G{\"u}nther Dr. Rudolph and P Kalpdadakis and Martin Bechmann and G La Rocca and C. Hrmann and Thomas Berninger},
  journal={European journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={12 2},
PURPOSE To demonstrate the possibility of topographic mapping of retinal function under simultaneous control of fixation in humans, by scanning laser ophthalmoscope evoked multifocal electroretinography (SLO-m-ERG). METHODS A confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope was used as a stimulator and trigger unit to take m-ERGs. Short m-sequences based on a modified algorithm were used, with the advantage that each measurement cycle can be evaluated separately. We examined 78 normal subjects; in 62 a… CONTINUE READING


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