Scanning Wiener-fringe microscope with an optical fiber tip.

  title={Scanning Wiener-fringe microscope with an optical fiber tip.},
  author={Norihiro Umeda and Yuma Hayashi and Kyuichiro Nagai and Atsushi Takayanagi},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={31 22},
A scanning probe optical microscope using the Wiener fringe is presented. The Wiener fringe is formed by a standing wave between the incident and reflected waves on an optically reflective surface and is detected by inserting an optical fiber tip into the fringe-field region. The detected signal is used to maintain the tip-sample distance constant so that a topographic image of a sample can be obtained by a computer-assisted instrument. A spatial resolution of 200 nm has been achieved by… CONTINUE READING

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