Scanning-Based Pre-Processing for En hanced Tag Anti-Collision Protocols

  title={Scanning-Based Pre-Processing for En hanced Tag Anti-Collision Protocols},
  author={Ji Hwan Choi and Dongwook Lee and Youngwoo Youn and Hyoungsuk Jeon and Hyuckjae Lee},
  journal={2006 International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies},
RFID is a generic term for technologies which use RF waves to identify, track, or categorize any object. One of the research areas in RFID systems is a tag anti-collision protocol; how to reduce identification time with a given number of tags in the field of an RFID reader. There are two types of tag anti-collision protocols for RFID systems: tree based algorithms and slotted aloha based algorithms. This paper proposes a method for enhancing the performance of the present RFID tag anti… CONTINUE READING
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