Scalingthegastransfervelocityandhydraulic geometry in streams and small rivers

  title={Scalingthegastransfervelocityandhydraulic geometry in streams and small rivers},
  author={Peter A. Raymond and Christopher J. Zappa and David Butman and Thomas L. Bott and Jody D. Potter and Patrick J. Mulholland and Andrew E. Laursen and W. H. McDowell and D. Newbold},
Scaling is an integral component of ecology and earth science. To date, the ability to determine the importance of air – water gas exchange across large spatial scales is hampered partly by our ability to scale the gas transfer velocity and stream hydraulics. Here we report on a metadata analysis of 563 direct gas tracer release experiments that examines scaling laws for the gas transfer velocity. We found that the gas transfer velocity scales with the product of stream slope and velocity… CONTINUE READING