Scaling up sustainability: Concepts and practices of the ecovillage approach

  title={Scaling up sustainability: Concepts and practices of the ecovillage approach},
  author={Bijay Singh and Martina Maria Keitsch and Maheshorman Shrestha},
  journal={Sustainable Development},

How ecovillages work: more-than-human understandings of rentabilidad in Mexican ecovillages

This article highlights the emergence of intentional communities known as ecovillages (ecoaldeas) in Mexico, exploring how humans seek to design sustainable futures in part by re-making rural

Arrangement features of the ecological settlement in the Baikal natural territory

The article reviews one of the types of ecological tourism – ecological settlement, its history, advantages and disadvantages. The domestic experience of ecological settlement engineering according

Adopting the ecovillage concept to shape a traditional bureaucratic village into a more sustainable community in Thailand

The ecovillage concept (EVC) is considered a promising path to sustainable living, particularly for developing countries. In this study we aimed to demonstrate the possibility of shaping a local bu...

Consumer Collectives: A History and Reflections on Their Future

This article provides a history of the treatment of consumer collectives in the social sciences literature. It highlights some of the insights derived from recent work in consumer research on

African Environmental Ethics: Keys to Sustainable Development Through Agroecological Villages

This essay proposes African-based ethical solutions to profound human problems and a working African model to address those problems and proposes a global consortium of ecovillages based on Nzamujo’s model.

Small business and its place in promoting sustainable development

Sustainable development is becoming a very important issue in the 21st century. Facing global changes such as the global warming, global climate change, as well as other pressing issue, all spheres

Eco-Discourses in a Virtual Rural Community

This case study explores social media discourses of a virtual ecovillage community based in Central Romania, in a Hungarian speaking region of Transylvania. The investigated virtual community

Keeping mass tourism destinations sustainable via urban design: The case of Benidorm

This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO). Project code: CSO2017-82592-R.


How are developing and what are the promising institutions of social capital formation in rural areas? The purpose of the article is to substantiate the optimal mechanism for the development of

An investigation in the sustainable economic practices of ecovillages

This 2018 research report represents Phase 1 of a small project investigating economic practices within one Australian ecovillage. Phase 2 of the same project (a longitudinal progress update) was



Sustainability Appraisal

LTP should include policies which aim to avoid harm to groundwater quality and should ensure that development does not pose an unacceptable risk to the quality of drinking water sources.

Cultural Education - Cultural Sustainability : Minority, Diaspora, Indigenous and Ethno-Religious Groups in Multicultural Societies

@contents: Selected Contents: Contributors Preface & Acknowledgements Zvi Bekerman & Ezra Kopelowitz Introduction Zvi Bekerman & Ezra Kopelowitz Part I) The State as a Determining Factor for Cultural

Culture, economics and sustainability

In this paper it is argued that systems analysis can provide a means of bringing economic and cultural systems together in a unified framework. It is then proposed that a link between economics and

Sustainability in ecovillages - a reconceptualization

This paper identifies and explores factors affecting sustainability and their interrelationships within the context of ecovillages. Through critical analysis of the theoretical concepts of