Scaling the electrical current switching of exchange bias in fully epitaxial antiferromagnet/ferromagnet bilayers

  title={Scaling the electrical current switching of exchange bias in fully epitaxial antiferromagnet/ferromagnet bilayers},
  author={Tetsuya Hajiri and Hirotaka Goto and H. Asano},
  journal={Physical Review B},
While the electrical current manipulation of antiferromagnets (AFMs) has been demonstrated, the extent of the studied AFM materials has been limited with few systematic experiments and a poor understanding. We compare the electrical current switching of the exchange-bias field (${H}_{\text{ex}}$) in AFM-${\mathrm{Mn}}_{3}A\mathrm{N}$/ferromagnet-${\mathrm{Co}}_{3}\mathrm{FeN}$ bilayers. An applied pulse current can manipulate ${H}_{\text{ex}}$ with respect to the current density and FM layer… 

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