Scaling of Pulsed Power-Driven Hydrodynamics Experiments With Capacitors and Flux Compressors

  title={Scaling of Pulsed Power-Driven Hydrodynamics Experiments With Capacitors and Flux Compressors},
  author={P. J. Turchi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science},
  • P. J. Turchi
  • Published 2006 in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Pulsed power hydrodynamics experiments typically involve multi-megajoule capacitor banks or magnetic-flux compression generators imploding thin-walled cylinders of solid-density metal by the electromagnetic force associated with axial currents in excess of 10 MA. Much of this activity operates with technology developed for other applications (e.g., soft X-ray generation), which can be significantly larger than actually required for the scientific objectives of such experiments. This is… CONTINUE READING


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