Scaling Properties of Doped Sb2Te Phase Change Line Cells

  title={Scaling Properties of Doped Sb2Te Phase Change Line Cells},
  author={F. J. Jedema and M.A.A. 't Zandt and R. A. M. Wolters and D. Castro and G. A. M. Hurkx and Romain Delhougne},
  journal={2008 Joint Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Workshop and International Conference on Memory Technology and Design},
For phase change random access memory applications, the scaling perspective of the 3 main programming parameters is essential. The programming time will largely determine the obtainable data rate. The required programming current will largely determine the transistor size and hence the obtainable memory density. Finally, the programming voltage should preferably not exceed the transistor driving voltage. In this paper, the scaling perspective for these 3 main programming parameters is… CONTINUE READING