Scale-up of high shear granulation based on the internal stress measurement.

  title={Scale-up of high shear granulation based on the internal stress measurement.},
  author={Satoru Watano and Takumi Okamoto and Yoshinobu Sato and Yoshifumi Osako},
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Scale-up of wet granulation in a vertical high shear mixer was conducted. Pharmaceutical excipient powders composed of lactose, cornstarch and micro-crystallinecellulose, and hydroxypropylcellulose as a binder were mixed together and then granulated with purified water under various operating conditions and vessel scales. A novel internal stress measurement system was developed and stress of normal and tangential directions that granules received from the agitator blade during the granulation… 
Scale-up of high shear granulation based on agitation power.
Scale-up of wet granulation in a vertical high shear mixer showed a good correlation with physical properties of obtained granules, such as mass median diameter, strength and compressibility, which implied that the scale-up characteristics could be well analyzed by means of the agitation power per unit vessel volume.
Application of the Discrete Element Method to Scale-Up of High-Shear Granulation
  • Hideya Nakamura
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    Handbook of Pharmaceutical Wet Granulation
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High shear mixing granulation of ibuprofen and β-cyclodextrin: Effects of process variables on ibuprofen dissolution
The aims of the study were to evaluate the effect of high shear mixer granulation process parameters and scale-up on wet mass consistency and granulation characteristics and it was shown that the water significantly enhanced the beta-cyclodextrin (βCD) binding tendency and the strength of liquid bridges formed between the particles, whereas the isopropanol/water mixture yielded more suitable agglomerates.
Formulation development and process scale up of a high shear wet granulation formulation containing a poorly wettable drug.
Softer tablets and "lightly-lubricated" tablets disintegrated faster and had the floating fragments appear earlier in the dissolution trial and Sourcing of magnesium stearate may also play a role on the floating behavior.
A quality by design approach to scale-up of high-shear wet granulation process
Existing scale-up principles are discussed and parameter-based and attribute-based strategies are categorized into two main scale- up strategies – parameter- based andattribute-based.
Blade‐Granule Bed Stress in a Cylindrical High‐Shear Granulator: Variability Studies
The behavior of dry, steady-state granule beds in each identified flow regime, i.e., frictional, toroidal, and fluidized, in a vertical-axis cylindrical high-shear granulator is studied. The granule
Effects of shear and electrical properties on flow characteristics of pharmaceutical blends
This article examines the effects and interactions of shear rate, shear strain on electrical and flow properties of pharmaceutical blends. An unexpectedly strong relation between the flow and passive


On-line monitoring of granule growth in high shear granulation by an image processing system.
An extremely close relationship could be found between both data, proving that the developed system could monitor the granule growth accurately and continuously throughout the granulation.
Measurement of physical strength of pharmaceutical extruded pellets.
It was found that the newly developed system could easily and accurately evaluate the physical strength of extruded pellets and could also predict the various physical properties.
Instrumentation of a Kenwood Major Domestic-Type Mixer for Studies of Granulation
The mixer was reconstructed and equipped with a torque transducer consisting of a steel beam, with strain gauges in a full bridge circuit, which prevented the rotation of the bowl.Repeated loadings
Granulation, new techniques.
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