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Scale-up of enzymatic peptide synthesis in an enzyme membrane reactor

  title={Scale-up of enzymatic peptide synthesis in an enzyme membrane reactor},
  author={G. Herrmann and A. Schwarz and C. Wandrey and M. Kula and G. Knaup and K. Drauz and H. Berndt},
  journal={Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry},
A 0.2-liter enzyme membrane reactor was used to scale-up an enzymatic peptiude synthesis. Kyotorphin, an analgesic dipeptide, was synthesized by α-chymotrypsin and was obtained from the primary product, N α -formyltyrosylarginine propyl ester, by acid hydrolysis. Process parameter such as pressure or temperature were recorded by a new software. For an efficient process control, an on-line HPLC was integrated and connected to the process control computer. All process-important parameters, e.g… Expand
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