Scale-Adaptive Face Detection and Tracking in Real Time with SSR Filters and Support Vector Machine

  title={Scale-Adaptive Face Detection and Tracking in Real Time with SSR Filters and Support Vector Machine},
  author={Shinjiro Kawato and Nobuji Tetsutani and Kenichi Hosaka},
  journal={IEICE Transactions},
In this paper, weproposea methodfor detectionandtracking of facesin videosequencesin real time. It can be applied to a wide range of face scales. Our basic strategy for detectionis fast extraction of face candidateswith a Six-SegmentedRectangular(SSR)filter and face verification by a supportvectormachine. A motioncueis usedin a simpleway to avoid picking up false candidatesin the background. In facetracking, thepatternsof between-theeyesare trackedwith updatingtemplatematching. To cope with… CONTINUE READING
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