Scalar dark matter effects in Higgs and top quark decays

  title={Scalar dark matter effects in Higgs and top quark decays},
  author={X. He and Tong Li and Xue–qian Li and Ho-Chin Tsai},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
We study possible observational effects of scalar dark matter, the darkon D, in Higgs h and top quark t decay processes, h → DD and t → cDD in the minimal Standard Model (SM) and its two Higgs doublet model (THDM) extension supplemented with a SM singlet darkon scalar field D. We find that the darkon D can have a mass in the range of sub-GeV to several tens of GeV, interesting for LHC and ILC colliders, to produce the required dark matter relic density. In the SM with a darkon, t → cDD only… Expand

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