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Scalable quantum control and non-abelian anyon creation in a honeycomb lattice

  title={Scalable quantum control and non-abelian anyon creation in a honeycomb lattice},
  author={Omar Raii and Florian Mintert and Daniel Burgarth},
The honeycomb spin-1/2 lattice is a model allowing for experimentally implementable quantum computation with topological protection of quantum information. Practical implementation of quantum information processing typically relies on adiabatic, i.e. slow dynamics. Here we show that the restriction to adiabatic dynamics can be overcome with optimal control theory, enabled by an extension of the fermionisation of the honeycomb model to the time-dependent case. 
Quantum optimal control in quantum technologies. Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe
Quantum optimal control, a toolbox for devising and implementing the shapes of external fields that accomplish given tasks in the operation of a quantum device in the best way possible, has evolved


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