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Scalable high-rate, high-dimensional quantum key distribution

  title={Scalable high-rate, high-dimensional quantum key distribution},
  author={Nurul T Islam and Charles Ci Wen Lim and Clinton Cahall and Bing Qi and Jungsang Kim and Daniel J. Gauthier},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a new scheme for measuring high-dimensional phase states using a two-photon interference technique, which we refer to as quantum-controlled measurement. Using this scheme, we implement a $d$-dimensional time-phase quantum key distribution (QKD) system and achieve secret key rates of 5.26 and 8.65 Mbps using $d = 2$ and $d = 8$ quantum states, respectively, for a 4~dB channel loss, illustrating that high-dimensional time-phase QKD protocols are… 

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