Scalable cycle-breaking algorithms for gigabit Ethernet backbones

  title={Scalable cycle-breaking algorithms for gigabit Ethernet backbones},
  author={Francesco De Pellegrini and David Starobinski and Mark G. Karpovsky and Lev B. Levitin},
  journal={IEEE INFOCOM 2004},
  pages={2175-2184 vol.4}
Ethernet networks rely on the so-called spanning tree protocol (IEEE 802.1d) in order to break cycles, thereby avoiding the possibility of infinitely circulating packets and deadlocks. This protocol imposes a severe penalty on the performance and scalability of large gigabit Ethernet backbones, since it makes inefficient use of expensive fibers and may lead to bottlenecks. We propose a significantly more scalable cycle-breaking approach, based on the novel theory of turn-prohibition… CONTINUE READING