Scalable and Secure Logistic Regression via Homomorphic Encryption

  title={Scalable and Secure Logistic Regression via Homomorphic Encryption},
  author={Yoshinori Aono and Takuya Hayashi and Le Trieu Phong and Lihua Wang},
  journal={Proceedings of the Sixth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy},
Logistic regression is a powerful machine learning tool to classify data. When dealing with sensitive data such as private or medical information, cares are necessary. In this paper, we propose a secure system for protecting the training data in logistic regression via homomorphic encryption. Perhaps surprisingly, despite the non-polynomial tasks of training in logistic regression, we show that only additively homomorphic encryption is needed to build our system. Our system is secure and… 

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This paper proposes a secure system for privacy-protecting both the training and predicting data in logistic regression via homomorphic encryption, and shows that only additively homomorphicryption is needed to build this system.

Secure Logistic Regression Based on Homomorphic Encryption: Design and Evaluation

The first homomorphically encrypted logistic regression outsourcing model is presented based on the critical observation that the precision loss of classification models is sufficiently small so that the decision plan stays still, to provide a practical support to the mainstream learning models.

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This paper presents a method to train a logistic regression model without information leakage, and applies the homomorphic encryption scheme of Cheon et al. (ASIACRYPT 2017) for an efficient arithmetic over real numbers, and devise a new encoding method to reduce storage of encrypted database.

Logistic Regression on Homomorphic Encrypted Data at Scale

The experiment shows that an encrypted model with a sufficient Kolmogorov Smirnow statistic value can be obtained in ∼17 hours in a single machine, and demonstrates the practical feasibility of the logistic regression training on large encrypted data, for the first time to the best of the knowledge.

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An efficient algorithm for logistic regression on encrypted data is proposed, and an experiment shows that an encrypted model with a sufficient Kolmogorov Smirnow statistic value can be obtained in ∼17 hours in a single machine, for the first time to the best of the knowledge.

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CAESAR is presented, which combines HE and SS to build secure large-scale sparse logistic regression model and achieves both efficiency and security and the distributed implementation of CAESAR for scalability requirement is presented.

Efficient Privacy Preserving Logistic Regression Inference and Training

A new hybrid approach of a privacy-preserving logistic regression training and a inference, which utilizes both MPC and HE techniques to provide efficient and scalable solution while minimizing needs of key management and complexity of computation in encrypted state is provided.

Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Logistic Regression Scheme based on Leveled Fully Homomorphic Encryption

  • Chengjin LiuZ. L. Jiang X. Wang
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE INFOCOM 2022 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS)
  • 2022
An efficient and privacy-preserving logistic regression scheme based on Leveled FHE, and a bootstrapping simulation and activation function on Raspberry Pi (a simulated trusted hardware) that achieves practical usability demonstrated on standard UCI datasets.

Privacy-preserving logistic regression training

A new simple iterative algorithm to train a logistic regression model that is tailored to be applied on a homomorphically encrypted dataset that can be used as a privacy-preserving technique to build a binary classification model.

Privacy-Preserving Logistic Regression as a Cloud Service Based on Residue Number System

A homomorphic Logistic Regression based on Residue Number System (LR-RNS) that provides security, parallel processing, scalability, error detection, and correction, and is ver-ify using six known datasets from medicine and genomics.



ML Confidential: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data

A new class of machine learning algorithms in which the algorithm's predictions can be expressed as polynomials of bounded degree, and confidential algorithms for binary classification based on polynomial approximations to least-squares solutions obtained by a small number of gradient descent steps are proposed.

SHIELD: Scalable Homomorphic Implementation of Encrypted Data-Classifiers

This work describes an optimized Ring Learning With Errors (RLWE) based implementation of a variant of the HE system recently proposed by Gentry, Sahai and Waters, and uses the resulting scheme to construct a homomorphic Bayesian spam filter, secure multiple keyword search, and a homomorph evaluator for binary decision trees.

Fast and Secure Linear Regression and Biometric Authentication with Security Update

As key rotation is a vital task in practice and is recommended by many authorized organizations for key management, this work shows how to do key rotation over encrypted data, without any decryption involved, and yet homomorphic properties of ciphertexts remain unchanged.

Privacy-preserving logistic regression outsourcing in cloud computing

This paper presents a secure outsourcing mechanism for training and evaluating large-scale logistic regression classifier in cloud, which enables a customer to securely harness the cloud, while keeping both the sensitive input and output of the computation private.

Private Predictive Analysis on Encrypted Medical Data

Machine Learning Classification over Encrypted Data

A new library of building blocks is constructed, which enables constructing a wide range of privacy-preserving classifiers and it is demonstrated how this library can be used to construct other classifiers than the three mentioned above, such as a multiplexer and a face detection classifier.

Can homomorphic encryption be practical?

A proof-of-concept implementation of the recent somewhat homomorphic encryption scheme of Brakerski and Vaikuntanathan, whose security relies on the "ring learning with errors" (Ring LWE) problem, and a number of application-specific optimizations to the encryption scheme, including the ability to convert between different message encodings in a ciphertext.

Key-Private Proxy Re-encryption under LWE

This paper proposes a CPA-secure PK-PRE scheme in the standard model (which is then transformed into a CCA-secure scheme inThe random oracle model), and examines the practical hardness of the LWE assumption, using Kannan's exhaustive search algorithm coupling with pruning techniques.

Achieving Both Valid and Secure Logistic Regression Analysis on Aggregated Data from Different Private Sources

This paper presents a protocol for fitting a logistic regression when the data are held by separate parties---without actually combining information sources---by exploiting results from the literature on multi-party secure computation.

Private Computation on Encrypted Genomic Data

This work proposes encrypting all genomic data in the database to maintain patient privacy, and proposes using a homomorphic encryption scheme to allow meaningful computation on the encrypted data.