Scalable Switching Testbed not "Stopping" the Serial Bit Stream

  title={Scalable Switching Testbed not "Stopping" the Serial Bit Stream},
  author={Deepak Agrawal and Mario Baldi and Michele Corr{\`a} and Giorgio Fontana and Guido Marchetto and Viet Thang Nguyen and Yoram Ofek and Danilo Severina and Huong Truong and Olga Zadedyurina},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications},
In order to achieve ultra scalable IP packet switching it is essential to minimize "stopping" of the serial bit streams. In our recent experimental work we demonstrated how this can be achieved with an ultra-scalable switching architecture reaching multi-terabits per second (10-100 Tb/s) in a single chassis. The implemented testbed uses only off-the-shelf optical and electronic components. The scalability of this architecture is the direct outcome of how global time (i.e., UTC - coordinated… CONTINUE READING

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