Scalable SQL and NoSQL data stores

  title={Scalable SQL and NoSQL data stores},
  author={R. G. G. Cattell},
  journal={SIGMOD Rec.},
  • R. Cattell
  • Published 6 May 2011
  • Computer Science
  • SIGMOD Rec.
In this paper, we examine a number of SQL and socalled "NoSQL" data stores designed to scale simple OLTP-style application loads over many servers. Originally motivated by Web 2.0 applications, these systems are designed to scale to thousands or millions of users doing updates as well as reads, in contrast to traditional DBMSs and data warehouses. We contrast the new systems on their data model, consistency mechanisms, storage mechanisms, durability guarantees, availability, query support, and… Expand
Dynamo and BigTable — Review and comparison
  • Grisha Weintraub
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 IEEE 28th Convention of Electrical & Electronics Engineers in Israel (IEEEI)
  • 2014
In this paper two NoSQL databases are reviewed and compared: Amazon's Dynamo and Google's BigTable. Expand
Scalable data management: NoSQL data stores in research and practice
  • Felix Gessert, N. Ritter
  • Computer Science
  • 2016 IEEE 32nd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)
  • 2016
This tutorial gives an in-depth survey of the most relevant NoSQL databases to provide comparative classification and highlight open challenges, and presents how each system's design is governed by a central set of trade-offs over irreconcilable system properties. Expand
1 Chapter 1 NoSQL Databases
Over the last years, distributed web applications have become more and more popular. Especially widely used services like Facebook, Google or Amazon have to store and process large amounts of data.Expand
NoSQL data management systems
A review of the main classes of NoSQL data management systems is given and examples of systems and applications where they can be used are discussed and the choice of a particular system significantly depends on the application. Expand
Comparison of NoSQL and SQL Databases in the Cloud
In this paper, we examine the design, execution, and subsequent performance between traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and modern NoSQL Database Systems, when implemented on aExpand
Quantitative Analysis of Scalable NoSQL Databases
Three of the most commonly used NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase are evaluated using the Yahoo Cloud Service Bench-mark, a popular benchmark tool and the horizontal scalability of the three systems under different workload conditions and varying dataset sizes is captured. Expand
Performance and scalability of voldemort NoSQL
This paper evaluates the performance and scalability of a popular NoSQL database, Voldemort, using Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark. Expand
SQL or NoSQL? Performance and scalability evaluation
This paper evaluates Cassandra's scalability and execution time of CRUD operations and compares one relational and one non-relational system by evaluating their performance during execution of decision support queries and concludes about the capabilities and limitations of those systems. Expand
Cassandra's Performance and Scalability Evaluation
The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze the Cassandra NoSQL database using the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark in order to better understand the execution capabilities for various types of applications in environments with different amounts of stored data. Expand
A Survey on NoSQL Stores
This survey mainly aims at elucidating the design decisions of NoSQL stores with regard to the four nonorthogonal design principles of distributed database systems: data model, consistency model, data partitioning, and the CAP theorem. Expand


Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data
The simple data model provided by Bigtable is described, which gives clients dynamic control over data layout and format, and the design and implementation of Bigtable are described. Expand
Benchmarking cloud serving systems with YCSB
This work presents the "Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark" (YCSB) framework, with the goal of facilitating performance comparisons of the new generation of cloud data serving systems, and defines a core set of benchmarks and reports results for four widely used systems. Expand
Dynamo: amazon's highly available key-value store
D Dynamo is presented, a highly available key-value storage system that some of Amazon's core services use to provide an "always-on" experience and makes extensive use of object versioning and application-assisted conflict resolution in a manner that provides a novel interface for developers to use. Expand
10 rules for scalable performance in 'simple operation' datastores
Partition data and operations, keep administration simple, do not assume one size fits all.
Brewer's conjecture and the feasibility of consistent, available, partition-tolerant web services
This conjecture is proved in the asynchronous network model that it is impossible to achieve all three properties of a distributed web service: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. Expand
Brewer's conjecture and the feasibility of consistent, available, partition-tolerant web services
When designing distributed web services, there are three properties that are commonly desired: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. It is impossible to achieve all three. In this not...
  • Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
  • 2006
Steve Yen, and Scott Jarr for their input on earlier drafts of this paper. Any errors are my own, however! I'd also like to thank Schooner Technologies for their support on this paper
  • Steve Yen, and Scott Jarr for their input on earlier drafts of this paper. Any errors are my own, however! I'd also like to thank Schooner Technologies for their support on this paper