Scalable Rate Control for Very Low Bit Rate (VLBR) Video


This paper presents a scalable rate control s cheme (SRC based o n three n e w concepts: (1) a more accurate R -D model (2) a sliding w indow method, and (3) a n adaptive selection cri ter ion of data points . SRC achieves more accurate target bit allocation u n d e r the constraints of low latency and l imited buffer size. In addition t o the picture-level… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.1997.638609

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@inproceedings{Lee1997ScalableRC, title={Scalable Rate Control for Very Low Bit Rate (VLBR) Video}, author={Hung-Ju Lee and Tihao Chiang and Ya-Qin Zhang}, booktitle={ICIP}, year={1997} }