Scalability Improved DSR Protocol for MANETs

  title={Scalability Improved DSR Protocol for MANETs},
  author={M. Tamilarasi and V. R. Shyam Sunder and U. M. Haputhanthri and Channa Gayan Somathilaka and N. Anil Babu and S. Chandramathi and T. G. Palanivelu},
  journal={International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (ICCIMA 2007)},
The reactive dynamic source routing (DSR) protocol is a commonly applied protocol in mobile ad hoc networks ( MANETs). When the network size is increased, it is observed that the overhead is also getting increased due to the source routing nature of DSR and this in turn reduces the efficiency of DSR protocol. In order to improve the scalability of DSR,in this paper, a modification is proposed for DSR. Simulation results show that the modified DSR (MDSR) has less overhead and delay compared to… CONTINUE READING
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