Sb102- and Sb22- found in [K(18-crown-6)]6[Sb10] [Sb4{Mo(CO)3}2]·2en: two missing family members.


Reaction of KMnSb and C7H8Mo(CO)3 produced Sb102- and Sb22- found in [K(18-crown-6)]6[Sb10][Sb4{Mo(CO)3}2]·2en (1·2en) adding two new family members for antimony polyanions. The unusually short Sb-Sb bond in the Sb2 subunits of 1 reveals the formation of the second doubly bonded diatomic anion between heavy elements following Bi22-, and the first example of… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c7dt01135k


3 Figures and Tables

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