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Saving the Rainforests of the Sea: An Analysis of International Efforts to Conserve Coral Reefs

  title={Saving the Rainforests of the Sea: An Analysis of International Efforts to Conserve Coral Reefs},
  author={M. Mulhall},
  • M. Mulhall
  • Published 22 March 2009
  • Environmental Science
"The descent into the sea reveals a fantastic world, the coral reef For some, its infinite diversity and beauty make it an almost mystical experience. The panorama of the coral reef is like the view from a Himalayan mountaintop; they both arouse the same excitement, the same sense of mystery." (1) I. INTRODUCTION Coral reefs, home to some of the most diverse life in the world, are dying faster than scientists can count them. (2) Today, these fragile ecosystems face myriad threats unprecedented… 
Coral Reefs: Challenges, Opportunities and Evolutionary Strategies for Surviving Climate Change in the Caribbean
Coral reefs are some one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on Earth. They are renowned hotspots of species biodiversity and provide home to a large array of marine plants and animals. Over the
Does International Biodiversity Law Offer Adequate Protection to the Great Barrier Reef?
Over the past thirty years since the Great Barrier Reef was recognised as a World Heritage Site, it has been estimated that coral cover has declined by over 50%. Today, a lethal cocktail of climate
Coral Reefs of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Analysis of Management Approaches in Light of International Best Practices and a Changing Climate
The coasts and islands that flank Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s largest emirate, host the country’s most significant coastal and marine habitats including coral reefs. These reefs,
Prominence of environmental and anthropogenic agents on the occurrence of coral reef bleaching syndrome and coral diseases.
The results suggest that coral reef invertebrates in the US Virgin Islands are particularly vulnerable to the effects of temperature, salinity and light on the hermatypic coral Montipora verrucosa, and that the trade in ornamental coral reef organisms is under threat.
Human and natural drivers of multiple coral reef regimes across the Hawaiian archipelago
The present study demonstrates the existence of three distinct reef regimes occurring across the whole archipelago, dominated by hard corals, turf algae, or macroalgae, and identifies some trends in benthic habitat that depend on fish biomass and reciprocally, providing novel insights into the multi-scale dynamics of reef resilience and regime shifts.
The Vermetidae of the Gulf of Kachchh, western coast of India (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
The present study attempts for the first time to assess the density and identify preferred reef substrates in the Gulf of Kachchh, state of Gujarat, on the western coast of India, and records a unique group of marine gastropods, the vermetids.
High School Students’ Conservation Values for Coral Reefs in Sagay Marine Reserve, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Studies on economic valuation rarely involved the youth in decision making. This study considered the youth, particularly high school students, as the respondents of the survey. The study may prove