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Sausage Volume of the Random String and Survival in a medium of Poisson Traps

  title={Sausage Volume of the Random String and Survival in a medium of Poisson Traps},
  author={Siva Athreya and Mathew Joseph and Carl Mueller},
. We provide asymptotic bounds on the survival probability of a moving polymer in an environment of Poisson traps. Our model for the polymer is the vector-valued solution of a stochastic heat equation driven by additive spacetime white noise; solutions take values in R d , d ≥ 1. We give upper and lower bounds for the survival probability in the cases of hard and soft obstacles. Our bounds decay exponentially with rate proportional to T d/ ( d +2) , the same exponent that occurs in the case of… 



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Moderate deviations for the volume of the Wiener sausage

For a > 0, let Wa(t) be the a-neighbourhood of standard Brownian motion in Rd starting at 0 and observed until time t. It is well-known that ElWa(t)l IKat (t -> oc) for d > 3, with Kea the Newtonian

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École d'été de probabilités de Saint Flour XIV, 1984

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