Saudi Oncology Society clinical management guideline series


total of 123 case of esophageal cancer have been diagnosed in Saudi Arabia in 2010 accounting for 1.25% of all cancers for that year.1 The age standardized rate was 1.4/100,000 for males and 1/100,000 for females.1 A committee of experts in the medical and surgical treatment of esophageal cancer was established under the supervision of the SOS. The evidence adopted in these guidelines is rated at 3 levels: 1) Evidence level-1 (EL-1) (highest level) evidence from phase III randomized trials or meta-analyses, 2) EL-2 (intermediate-level) evidence from good phase II trials or phase III trials with limitations, and 3) EL-3 (low-level) from retrospective or observational data and/or expert opinion. This easy-to-follow grading system is convenient for the reader and allows accurate assessment of the applicability of the guidelines in individual patients.2 All esophageal cancer cases are preferably seen or discussed in a multidisciplinary form.

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