Saturday night at the Speedway: class, race, gender and a ‘lynching’

  title={Saturday night at the Speedway: class, race, gender and a ‘lynching’},
  author={Neil Roos},
  journal={Acta Academica},
  • N. Roos
  • Published 3 December 2018
  • Linguistics
  • Acta Academica
This paper will reflect on some contemporary re-enactments of whiteness by a white subaltern crowd attending an oval track speedway meeting in central South Africa in 2017. It will also consider my role as ethnographer/observer, this latter aspect positioning the paper as a kind of ‘gonzo-ethnography’. I tracked several individuals including an ‘organic comedian’, a number of women and some children through what turned out to be a key event at the night’s sport, an act of crowd violence… 
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