Saturated absorption technique used in potassium microcells for magnetic field sensing

  title={Saturated absorption technique used in potassium microcells for magnetic field sensing},
  author={Armen Sargsyan and Rodolphe Momier and C Leroy and David Sarkisyan},
  journal={Laser Physics},
It is demonstrated that the use of a micrometric thin 39K vapor cell (MTC) and saturated absorption (SA) spectroscopy allows the formation of narrow atomic lines in the transmission spectrum without unwanted cross-over resonances. Another important feature is the small characteristic magnetic field value B0=Ahf/μB of 39K, significantly smaller than for Rb and Cs. As a consequence, decoupling of J and I can be observed at relatively low magnetic fields ∼300 G, which results in the formation of… 



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