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Satellites of the Broucke-Hadjidemetriou-H\'{e}non family of periodic unequal-mass three-body orbits

  title={Satellites of the Broucke-Hadjidemetriou-H\'\{e\}non family of periodic unequal-mass three-body orbits},
  author={Xiaoming Li and Shijun Liao},
  journal={arXiv: Chaotic Dynamics},
The Broucke-Hadjidemetriou-Henon's (BHH) orbits are a family of periodic orbits of the three-body system with the simplest topological free group word $a$, while the BHH satellites have free group words $a^k$ ($k>1$), where $k$ is the topological exponent. Jankovic and Dmitrasinovic [Phy. Rev. Lett. 116, 064301 (2016)] reported 57 new BHH satellites with equal mass and found that at a fixed energy the relationship between the angular momentum ($L$) and the topologically rescaled period ($T/k… 

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