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Satellite galaxy abundance dependency on cosmology in Magneticum simulations

  title={Satellite galaxy abundance dependency on cosmology in Magneticum simulations},
  author={Antonio Ragagnin and Alessandra Fumagalli and Tiago Castro and Klaus Dolag and Alexandro Saro and M. Costanzi and Sebastian Bocquet},
Context. Modelling satellite galaxy abundance Ns in Galaxy Clusters (GCs) is a key element in modelling the Halo Occupation Distribution (HOD), which itself is a powerful tool to connect observational studies with numerical simulations. Aims. To study the impact of cosmological parameters on satellite abundance both in cosmological simulations and in mock observations. Methods. We build an emulator (HODEmu, https://github.com/aragagnin/HODEmu/) of satellite abundance based on cosmological… 


emcee v3: A Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC
The version 3.0 release of emcee is the first major release of the library in about 6 years and it includes a full re-write of the computational backend, several commonly requested features, and a set of new "move" implementations.