Satb2, modularity, and the evolvability of the vertebrate jaw.

  title={Satb2, modularity, and the evolvability of the vertebrate jaw.},
  author={Jennifer L Fish and Brian Villmoare and Katja Koebernick and Claudia Compagnucci and Olga Britanova and Victor Tarabykin and Michael Depew},
  journal={Evolution & development},
  volume={13 6},
Modularity is a key mechanism bridging development and evolution and is fundamental to evolvability. Herein, we investigate modularity of the Vertebrate jaw with the aim of understanding mechanisms of its morphological evolution. Conservation of the basic structural bauplan of Vertebrate jaws led to a Hinge and Caps model, in which polarity in the patterning system of developing jaws predicts modularity. We have tested the hypothesis that the Satb2+ cell population delineates a developmental… CONTINUE READING

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