Sarsen Stones of Stonehenge

  title={Sarsen Stones of Stonehenge},
  author={Patrick Arthur Hill},
  pages={1216 - 1222}
  • P. Hill
  • Published 21 April 1961
  • Environmental Science
  • Science
A route via Lockeridge and the Avon Valley, involving a slide down the chalk escarpment, is postulated for the sarsen stones of Stonehenge. The transportation problem would have been greatly simplified if the stones had been relayed from point to point over snow or slush during successive winters. Markings on the stones hitherto undescribed are interpreted. 
The sarsen stones of Stonehenge
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Over the course of the twentieth century a number of experimental studies have investigated the construction of megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge (Atkinson, 1956; Osenton, 2001; Parry, 2000; ...
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Silbury Hill, 1 mile south of Avebury, is not to be confused with Sidbury Hill
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