Sarcosine (N-methylglycine) treatment for acute schizophrenia: a randomized, double-blind study.

  title={Sarcosine (N-methylglycine) treatment for acute schizophrenia: a randomized, double-blind study.},
  author={H. Richard Lane and Yi-Ching A. Liu and Chieh-Liang Huang and Yue-Cune Chang and Chun-Hui Liau and Cheng-Hwang Perng and Guochuan Emil Tsai},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={63 1},
BACKGROUND Small molecules that enhance the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) neurotransmission have been shown to be beneficial as adjuvant therapy for schizophrenia. Among these compounds, sarcosine (a glycine transporter-I inhibitor), when added to an existing regimen of antipsychotic drugs, has shown its efficacy for both chronically stable and acutely ill patients. However, the efficacy of these agents as a primary antipsychotic agent has not yet been demonstrated. METHODS Twenty acutely… CONTINUE READING
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