Sarcoma in association with bone infarcts. Report of five cases.

  title={Sarcoma in association with bone infarcts. Report of five cases.},
  author={Panna Desai and G Perino and David A. Present and German C. Steiner},
  journal={Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine},
  volume={120 5},
Sarcoma associated with bone infarct is rare, and only 41 well-documented cases have been published. We describe five additional patients, three women and two men, aged 39 to 57 years. The tumors involved the femur (three patients), tibia (one patient), and humerus (one patient). In three patients, the infarcts were idiopathic. Radiologic evidence of malignancy was found in all patients, and bone infarcts were suspected in four. Four of the patients had malignant fibrous histiocytoma and one an… CONTINUE READING

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